Was Congressman Ron Kind Paying for Sex in Congress?

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Was Congressman Ron Kind Paying for Sex in Congress?

September 26, 2020 - 16:13
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Back in 2003, there was an amendment to a spending bill (HR 2660) that would have eliminated the funding to absurd grant programs designed to study sexual activity of various types. Was this an appropriate use of taxpayer’s hard-earned money? Representative Ron Kind thought so and he voted against the effort to stop the funding.

Could it be said, therefore, that Representative Ron Kind was paying for sex in Congress?

This is only the beginning of the disgusting votes that Ron Kind has participated in during his very long career in Congress.

He has always represented the government and always votes to empower bureaucrats instead of serving the people and expanding our freedom. It is long past time for We the People to make sure he retires from Congress.

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Wrong Kind pretends to want to help, and a good example is the farmers. He says he is working to help them, and he has a few farmers in his ads, but they have no clue. He has worked against them, at first because he had no idea what to do, and now he worked against them stalling on USMCA, to work against President Trump.

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