Vote Justice Daniel Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court

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Vote Justice Daniel Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court

November 10, 2019 - 14:22
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Elections matter! Next year, Wisconsin will be asked to elect a Supreme Court justice in our Spring elections. Only one of the candidates vows to stand for the rule of law.

Justice Dan Kelly will not legislate from the bench and will keep partisanship out of the court.

Justice Kelly has warned that “one of the greatest dangers to the court is when a jurist injects his personal preferences into the decision making process.” Justice Kelly believes the role of a judge is to decide cases based on what the law is, not what he or she thinks the law should be.

In 2016, Justice Kelly was appointed to the Supreme Court replacing retired Justice Prosser. He was a founding partner at Roghan Kelly law firm in Milwaukee. President of Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, Rick Esenburg wrote: “I know that he is more than 'competent' and, strongly qualified for the Court.” Justice Kelly has substantial experience litigating complicated and unresolved legal issues. “He is known as a 'lawyer’s lawyer' — one who thinks deeply about the law as a discipline and about its role — and limits.”

I find Justice Kelly to be a very humble and thoughtful man. When asked who his boss is, he indicated that ‘We The People’ (all of the more than 5 million citizens of Wisconsin) are his bosses. He endeavors to serve all of us. Vote for Justice Dan Kelly in the Spring Primary on February 18, 2020.

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I say this often, but our top court is the most important level of government that we have. Kelly is a vital part of keeping our rights. It does not matter who our Governor is if we don't have Justice's who uphold our Constitution.

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