Vote Justice Dan Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court

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Vote Justice Dan Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court

February 29, 2020 - 15:35
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The February 18th non-partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary selected two candidates to face off in the April 7th election. There were local elections scattered about the Coulee Region and around the state on Primary Day, but the Supreme Court Primary was the most important contest of the day. Those participating voted for one candidate and the top two vote getters will continue campaigning until April 7th, with that winner getting a ten-year term on the Supreme Court.

My choice is incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly. Justice Kelly has a proven record of adherence to the Constitution and Rule of Law. Justice Kelly has experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and litigator; and has been on the Supreme Court since 2016. He has experience appearing before both the Wisconsin and United States Supreme Courts. Justice Kelly has the knowledge, temperament, and principled decision-making that citizens of Wisconsin want, need, and deserve! Justice Kelly is a servant of the law and a servant of the people. Justice Kelly’s judicial philosophy puts the Constitution first! Judge Kelly understands that it is not the courts business to make laws as that is the Legislature’s responsibility.

Judge Jill Karofsky, a judge on the Dane County Circuit Court since 2017, was the other Primary winner. Judge Karofsky is a judicial activist and has already indicated that she will decide Supreme Court cases based on her personal likes or dislikes and will disregard the Constitution and Rule of Law. She has said that there are ways within the Constitution to limit gun ownership despite the 2nd Amendment. She has also expressed a desire to change the 2nd Amendment. She has expressed rather liberal views on abortion, LGBTQ, and religious liberty issues. Judge Karofsky has even compared an abortion to having a wisdom tooth removed! Judge Karofsky has a record of going lenient on those that have attacked or threatened police officers. She wants to preserve the rights of minority groups rather than treating everyone equally under the law. Judge Karofsky comments on her experience, but she has less experience on the Dane County Circuit Court than Justice Kelly has on the Supreme Court!

In the February 18th Primary, Justice Kelly garnered over 50% of the votes with the other two getting under 50% combined. With over 700,000 votes cast, Justice Kelly nearly received more than the other two combined. Judge Karofsky carried Milwaukee, Dane, La Crosse, Eau Claire, and six other counties while Justice Kelly won all other 62 counties. On Election Day, April 7th, the Presidential Primary will also be taking place and that is expected to create more interest for the liberal candidate.

Justice Daniel Kelly is clearly the best choice, if not the only logical choice, for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. Justice Kelly has said “We don’t make up the law. We don’t ignore the law. We don’t play favorites with the law.” The State Supreme Court is vitally important for the future of our state, so it is critical that everyone make the time to participate in this important election. Please vote for Justice Kelly on April 7th. Please talk to friends, family, and neighbors and get them to vote for Justice Kelly as well.

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This is an ‘all hands on deck’ scenario and we must maintain Constitutionally-minded justices in the judicial system or we will lose our liberties one after the other. Justice Kelly is the only choice in this election for those who believe in the Constitution and Liberty.

It is not our natural resources, it is not our people, it is not our elected officials, it is our Constitution that has led to our success as a state and as a country. We need to insure people on our courts that will uphold our Constitution. Again vote and get all your freedom loving friends to vote, this is a very important election! Vote for Kelly.

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