Van Orden is Exceptional Representative of the People

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Van Orden is Exceptional Representative of the People

June 08, 2024 - 15:30
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I was recently reminded of just how long I have been monitoring, analyzing, studying, and participating in the world of politics. It has been almost 25 years since I started making this my night and weekend hobby. In all that time I have witnessed a lot of speeches, read a whole lot of press releases, read news stories from many different sources, and even studied some of the legislation that politicians are crafting. In 25-years of doing this I can tell you that it feels so refreshing to have Derrick Van Orden serving us in Congress. He is far surpassing the accomplishments of the former occupant of that seat. Here are just a few of the amazing examples:

As an advocate for agriculture, I am excited to have my congressman on the House Ag Committee. We haven’t had a congressman from Wisconsin on that committee since Representative Reid Ribble [Appleton-R] [2011-2017] was on the committee. With Wisconsin’s role in agriculture being quite diverse and extensive, it is very beneficial to have our congressman on that committee to represent not only the 3rd District, but all of Wisconsin. Having the ability to reach out to our own representative helps to get local challenges addressed on a national level. Having a seat on the Ag Committee goes well beyond the farm when you consider that the majority of Farm Bill spending is attributed to food aid programs that help ensure everyone has access to safe, nutritious and locally sourced foods. Derrick Van Orden is well aware of the complexity of the Farm Bill and helped to craft it with our interests in mind. – Kevin Hoyer, La Crosse County

Kevin gave a terrific description of how important it is to have our congressman on the House Ag Committee and here is a video showing how important it is to have Van Orden’s no B.S. style in those meetings to cut through the bull and address the real issues head on.

The genesis for inspiring me to write this article was the recent meeting of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. I’m going to embed the video of that meeting below because it is so refreshing to have a representative who passionately advocates for what is right. Van Orden’s authentic concern and willingness to fight for our veterans can be witnessed in this video in addition to his outrage at the swampy attempts by others to corrupt our systems of government. God bless you Derrick Van Orden for staying strong and being a protector of We the People and our veterans. Keep holding the bureaucrats accountable and protect us from their swampy corruption.

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Who knew we could find an elected official with this level of ambition and tenacity? His political opponents can try, but they simply can not honestly distort his accomplishments. DVO is very unique and a blessing to Wisconsin.

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