Update On Republican Electors

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Update On Republican Electors

December 16, 2020 - 20:56
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Wisconsin’s Republican electors met today, following statutory guidelines for presidential electors, preserving our role in the electoral process still under legal challenge. While President Trump’s campaign continues to pursue legal options for Wisconsin, electors met in accordance with statutory guidelines to preserve our role in the electoral process with the final outcome still pending in the courts.

The 2020 election saw numerous violations of both the letter and the spirit of Wisconsin law. The Democratic Dane and Milwaukee County Clerks sought to circumvent the ballot protections provided by Wisconsin’s photo ID law by urging able-bodied voters to exploit Wisconsin’s statutory protections for elderly, infirm, disabled and others who have difficulty getting to the polls.

As a result of these elected officials directing fraudulent registration, particularly in Democratic counties, the number of voters permanently exempt from Wisconsin’s basic photo ID protections increased over 250% in a 9-month period.

This cynical exploitation of laws designed to protect the constitutional rights of those unable to go to the polls was compounded by deplorable reports that Democrat supporters were pressuring disabled voters to vote for Biden.

In blatant violation of Wisconsin election law, Clerks completed and corrected information for witnesses.

WEC charged President Trump’s campaign nearly four times the amount charged for a presidential recount just four years ago, forcing a partial recount focused on counties with the most reports of blatant illegalities undertaken by partisan clerks. Recount observers were in some cases kept so far from poll workers they were forced to use binoculars to observe handling of the ballots.

After years of insisting there is no voter fraud in the state, Democrats’ legal defense in this case is that they believe election law in Wisconsin is routinely broken, that votes are cast illegally in every election, and that things should continue that way.

With cases on some of these very issues still pending in our court system, our meeting today underscored the unresolved nature of the results. We will continue to fight back against those who want to throw elections safeguards to the side.

Andrew Hitt

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If we continue to allow the democrats to vote without an I.D. that is verified at the polls we will continue to have stolen elections.

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