The Second Amendment is essential to American freedom

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The Second Amendment is essential to American freedom

July 01, 2020 - 15:57
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It is no mistake our Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms in the original Ten Amendments to our country's great founding document – The United States Constitution.

As anarchists seek to destroy our freedoms and livelihoods; as radicals debilitate police forces, our right to arm and defend ourselves will preserve our country.

Our current representative has spent much of his 24 years in office trying to chip away at the Second Amendment.

I make you this promise. As your representative, I will never support any attempt to limit our Second Amendment rights.

I’m Jessi Ebben. I’m running for Congress to represent you, our community and our Wisconsin values.

On August 11, vote Jessi Ebben in the Republican Primary.

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I am a life member in the NRA. I have watched the NRA cowardly endorse Ron Kind year after year, they do it because they are afraid to offend him. They have an agenda, one I agree with, but everyone that has run against Kind, has had a stronger freedom loving/ 2nd amendment position that Wrong Kind! The NRA is playing the odds of not wanting to offend the incumbent.

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