Ron Kind Refuses to Share Stage with Van Orden at Chamber of Commerce Forum

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Ron Kind Refuses to Share Stage with Van Orden at Chamber of Commerce Forum

October 13, 2020 - 05:45
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Ron Kind is hiding because he knows I will expose the lies he continues to tell the people of the 3rd District. While thousands of businesses have shuttered during the shutdown, he has collected over $100,000 in taxpayers money while he has done nothing.

Ron Kind is bad for business, he has never run a business and does not know how difficult it is like Sara and I have. I was on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, and know the value of our Chambers.

In 2001, we had almost 25,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin, we now have 7000. That is a 72% decrease on his watch. He and Nancy Pelosi held up the USMCA for 8 months contributing to the closing of more than 800 Wisconsin farms. Those are real lives ruined.

He supports Governor Evers's latest restrictions that will put small businesses out of work. He supports Joe Biden's $4 trillion dollar tax hike that spells further disaster for the businesses of our district.

Ron Kind won't share the stage with me today because he knows I will tell the truth: he is bad for Wisconsin business.

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He has been very effective at being reelected, but that is it. He is a worthless, member of congress, and fits right in with many of them. He will not share the stage as he knows he can't defend his record when using facts.

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