Ron DeSantis Won the First GOP Debate

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Ron DeSantis Won the First GOP Debate

August 24, 2023 - 06:05
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In the first GOP debate on August 23rd, Ron DeSantis proved that he is ready to become the next president of the United States. We need a president with the ability to get the right things done. Ron DeSantis proved he can do that by brilliantly leading the state of Florida as governor.

We need a president with the courage to stand up to China. Ron DeSantis proved that he has the courage to vigorously fight and win on very difficult issues. He did not bow to multi-billionaires at Disney when they tried to milk Florida taxpayers for millions in graft. He did not bow to overbearing federal agencies who tried to make Florida shut down their entire economy.

We need a president who will lead in the effort to defeat the woke, cultural revolution being waged against our nation. Ron DeSantis proved over and over again that he will fight for our virtuous, traditional American values. He fought for and won a Parents Bills of Rights in Florida. He fought for and won the protection of women's sports in Florida. He is a proven winner.

Ron DeSantis proved in the debate that he is the mature statesman in the GOP primary race. There are one or two others who rose in their stature during the debate but not nearly enough to gain the momentum necessary to win.

Losers in the debate.

Biggest loser = Chris Christy. He proved that he is nothing more than a jerk. I heard no indication from him that he has the right ideas and the ability to make them happen. He is a flame thrower and flame throwers like him eventually run out of fuel and end up towing the line for power brokers in the corrupt bureaucracy.

Second biggest loser = Vivek Ramaswany. By claiming he is the “only one on stage who isn’t bought and paid for by super PACs’ he insulted 90% of the entire GOP voting base. You cannot win a primary by insulting 90% of your voters.

Also rans who did well: Nikki Haley and Mike Pence. While I like these two possibly as advisors on a cabinet, they do not have what it takes to be president. I do not believe they would stand up to the Chinese. I do not believe they would stand up to the corrupt bureaucracy. They just don’t have it in them to fight like we need a president to fight.

The others on that stage made no headway and should drop out immediately.

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My first comment is that Trump showed us that some people will not vote for a person they don't like. These candidates must present themselves as capable, intelligent, and likable. That is politics.

Chris Christy is despicable and a fool.

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