Reemployment Assistance Legislation

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Reemployment Assistance Legislation

April 14, 2023 - 19:31
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Following the overwhelming support at the polls for the referendum question asking whether people should be required to search for work while receiving welfare benefits, my colleague Rep. Warren Petryk (R-Town of Washington) has reintroduced legislation to reform the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in Wisconsin.

The Reemployment Assistance Act puts a greater emphasis on workforce training by providing personalized employment plans based on the person's skills and talents. The bill would require individuals to participate in services to help complete their employment plan, like resume writing workshops, soft-skills training, and employment workshops, and post their resume online within seven days of starting a UI claim.

Nearly 80% of Wisconsin voters agreed childless, able-bodied adults should be looking for work as a condition of receiving taxpayer-funded welfare benefits. The Reemployment Assistance Act would require an individual to apply to jobs that could result in a hire as part of their weekly work search actions.

Below is the Republican radio address delivered by Rep. Petryk talking about this important legislation.

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Helping people who need some help is wonderful, but they must work to help themselves. Often people find it easy to live on money extorted from hardworking people rather than work. They go fishing, and hunting, sit in a bar, and relax while others work hard to pay their own bills, not to mention pay for the lazy. I will help anyone who will help themselves, but after 90 days I don't care if you starve if you will not contribute like the working person.

The term misplaced compassion comes up often in conservative politics, and we clearly put lots of hard-earned money into rat holes, that should be going to causes that can help rather than contribute to government dependence.

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