Leftist Violence Reaches New Levels

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Leftist Violence Reaches New Levels

June 15, 2017 - 07:02
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Leftist Violence Reaches New Levels

Will leftist democrats finally rein in their irresponsible, violent rhetoric? Will they stop demonizing Republicans and inciting violence against us? When will the investigation begin to see which democrats should formally be charged for inciting violence?

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As a 50 year Life Member of the National Rifle Association, I'm now convinced the Democrats are correct, Democrats should not be allowed to have GUNS.

After this tragedy there will be calls for more security. More security will be VERY expensive. Let's instead encourage stable, law-abiding CITIZENS to become proficient in marksmanship and carry. There should have been a whole lot more stable, law-abiding citizens at that site packing. It took way too long to neutralize this criminal. Thank God there were a couple of stable, law- abiding citizens there who had the ability to neutralize the situation and prevent further carnage.

My sources in D.C. tell me that the Congress will very quickly be reviewing concealed carry reciprocity. The Republicans who were shot at on that ball field were not allowed to defend themselves and their staffers even though they can legally carry in their home states. Current law BARS them from protecting themselves when they travel to work in D.C. It is absurd that those of use who are the good guys are treated like the bad guys and maybe NOW will be the time that we finally do away with asinine laws that are getting people killed.

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