Investigative Journalists, Former FBI Testify

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Investigative Journalists, Former FBI Testify

December 05, 2020 - 12:21
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This week, I held a hearing looking at misconduct of the FBI and Department of Justice and suppression of the media during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

We heard testimony from investigative journalists Sharyl Attkisson and Lee Smith, as well as from former FBI Assistant Director Kevin Brock.

This corruption should be troubling to every member of Congress, yet no Democrats participated in this hearing (except the Ranking Member's opening statement saying we shouldn't be holding this hearing).

I've boiled down the nearly-two hour hearing into these shorter videos.

10-minute version

30-minute version

We also released 430 pages of new documents in this case. Read more in these articles:

Headline USA: Dems are No-Shows at Sen. Ron Johnson's Crossfire Hurricane Corruption Hearing

Washington Examiner: Unearthed secrets detail how Hillary Clinton allies boosted Christopher Steele's access to FBI

Daily Caller: Senate Committees Release A Treasure Trove Of Trump-Russia Documents

Daily Caller: Official At Liberal Think Tank Offered To Give Comey The Steele Dossier Before It Was Published, Emails Show

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It seems to me that as conservatives we keep being honorable and think or wish that the democrats and media and everyone else working against honesty in government would play fair. Well we need to start pushing hard to stop this abuse of our country. These people are ruthless, and many are evil, and if we don't start fighting fire with fire, we will continue to get crushed.

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