I'm sorry, I was right again

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I'm sorry, I was right again

August 09, 2020 - 06:49
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Multiple Republicans like me warned the leadership of the 3rd GOP that endorsing a candidate for the 3rd District Congressional race would be a bad idea. Unfortunately, the caucus went ahead and did it anyway and I am sad to report that I was right again.

The endorsement has produced several negative outcomes:

  1. The endorsed candidate walked away with an attitude of entitlement and committed several rookie mistakes due to that.
  2. The un-endorsed candidate and supporters became resentful and even more determined.
  3. Campaigning in the final days leading up to the election have become vicious and insulting.

Recently, all these negative emotions are coming to a crescendo with both candidates firing off multiple salvos at one another further alienating each other's supporters.

In my experience, negative campaigning of this nature rarely results in a victory during the general election against an entrenched incumbent. The reason is simple. One of these candidates is going to win the primary. Let's say that person wins with 55% of the GOP primary vote. How is that person going to get the support of the other 45% after insulting them so deeply? It is more likely that those alienated by the 'winner' will simply skip over that section of the ballot or write in the person they supported.

I came to know both candidates in the last few months and I am convinced that both would be excellent representatives to help keep Washington off our backs. It took several weeks of prayerful consideration before making my choice between the two. As much as I admire both of them for their unique qualities I am not convinced that they would be able to unify the Republicans and build the support necessary to defeat the incumbent in the general election. They have created a large divide that may not be repaired for years.

I am so sorry that I was right about this. I pray the unification will happen and we will be able to finally replace the worthless, Pelosi-puppet who currently occupies that seat.

I am just not sure it will happen.

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Ronald Reagan said "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican". Our goal is to get great representation for our people, and beating up another candidate is not in the best interest of the people. A Navy Seal should know who his friends are and not turn on them for selfish reasons.

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