Hubert Hoffman for County Board

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Hubert Hoffman for County Board

March 31, 2022 - 20:28
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I am voting for Hubert Hoffman, 19th District Supervisor. Hubert Hoffman has proven his dedication to serve. Exceeding 30 years Hubert Hoffman is involved in half dozen plus School, Town, Natural Resource, County committees. After wind storms neighbors have been greeted by Hubert Hoffman offering help in clearing driveways/vehicles of downed limbs. Hubert Hoffman has provided a safe, consistent home life, improving the lives for dozens of foster children, permanently adopting 5 children. As County Supervisor Hubert Hoffman recorded near perfect attendance of 4 excused absences. Hubert Hoffman willingly desires to serve.

Hubert Hoffman's opponent likes the title of County Supervisor yet seems reluctant to serve. The opponent was scheduled to attend +/- 231 County meetings but recorded absences of +/- 87, yes 87. He missed 2/3 of Executive Committee meetings and was asked to resign.

He speaks of living in La Crosse County for more than 30 years yet the only involvement listed is serving on County Board. He is committed to unmeasureable ideals as equity, sustainability, intersectionality. A few weeks ago He contributed a Tribune article announcing the origins of the health issues afflicting the La Crosse County BIPOC population, it is Racism. Do you feel you are causing health issues for others? He does. I have not seen of the opponent in my neighborhood except a number of years ago 2 females posing as his wife and child knocked on my door distributing his literature. Vote for Hubert Hoffman, he will serve.

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I can tell you, that very few County Board members will stand up for your rights. Many don't even know what your rights are, but Hubert Hoffman does. He has proven to fight for them consistently, and he is not intimidated by bureaucrats or anyone. Many board members vote on issues simply because they are easily influenced by smooth talkers.

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