Governing by Veto

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Governing by Veto

August 13, 2023 - 06:52
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Last week, Governor Evers took out his veto pen and vetoed ten bills that were passed by the Legislature. Those included a package of bills that would prevent unemployment insurance abuse and better direct resources to those who need assistance to get back to work.

The five unemployment bills Evers struck down would have allowed employers to report benefits recipients who either turn down or don’t show up to job interviews - required to demonstrate they are looking for work. The measures also proposed requiring the Department of Workforce Development to audit more work-search activities and increase drug testing for certain occupations.

The package of workforce bills promoted accountability, encouraged personal responsibility, prevented fraud and abuse, and would have gotten people back into the workforce. Time and again, Republicans have stressed the importance to help move people from government dependence to self-sufficiency, yet Evers chooses to ignore and further damage the workforce.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is back to historic lows, yet our labor force participation rate remains below pre-pandemic levels. Employers throughout the state have help-wanted signs and, despite raising wages, are struggling to compete in a tight labor market. Supporting our workforce needs means training current and future employees already in Wisconsin; making sure people aren’t unduly sitting on the sidelines and bringing new talent into the state.

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We continue to have technical government, no one gets good results, the Republicans simply are doing damage control, and the governor gets to manipulate the intentions. The real shame is that we have a governor who has no idea what the Constitution says, he is a fool, and very misled.

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