Fighting for Children's Education

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Fighting for Children's Education

January 09, 2022 - 17:33
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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and start to this new year. 2022 is our year. Our state has hurt under the poor leadership of Tony Evers, and this year we will retire him from public service once and for all.


This week, we launched our first ad of the campaign. Governor Evers continually sides with teacher union bosses, who have locked our kids and their teachers out of their classrooms. As governor, I’ll fight for Wisconsin families and our kids. Milwaukee and Madison’s last minute decision to keep kids home from school left families scrambling to find childcare, and Tony Evers just stood idly by. It’s not okay.


Yesterday, I joined other fed up Wisconsin parents to lay out our plan to take back control of our education system. Students are falling further behind, and our Department of Public Instruction thinks the solution is to simply lower standards. Watch and share the video below to see some of these plummeting achievement numbers:

We will elect new leadership this year to stand up and fight for our kids. If you’re interested in getting more involved, contact

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We need sincere people in our elected offices! Time to take politics our of education and have it run by responsible adults.

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