Ensure fairness in funding for administering Wisconsin's elections

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Ensure fairness in funding for administering Wisconsin's elections

May 14, 2021 - 11:29
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On Tuesday, the Assembly passed a bill (AB173) which will prevent outside organizations from donating money directly to local governments for the administration of elections.

In 2020, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg funneled $300 million into a third-party organization that offered money to five Wisconsin mayors. The cities then had to agree to the rules of Zuckerburg’s group – not the laws of Wisconsin.

This bill is about fairness and transparency and outside groups shouldn’t get to provide funding only to areas that align with their politics. This bill levels the playing field so that all communities in Wisconsin get a per-capita share of donations.

This goes both ways because a conservative group shouldn’t be able target highly conservative areas any more than Mark Zuckerberg’s group should be able to target highly liberal ones. The administration of our elections cannot simply go to whoever is donating the most money.

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Everyone should want it to be done properly, and by that we should know who is voting and that they do it legitimately. The results should be open for inspection, and any vote not done by the rules, should be tossed.

We have had many issues with out last election that we could not get an a fair count of legitimate votes, our Attorney General did not do his job, he is corrupt and dishonest.

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