Election Integrity - Who is Counting in Onalaska and La Crosse?

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Election Integrity - Who is Counting in Onalaska and La Crosse?

May 04, 2021 - 05:16
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Our team has conducted an exhaustive analysis of the facts about who is in charge of elections within the municipalities in La Crosse County and we have uncovered some very disturbing evidence. It seems that officers of the Democrat Party have infiltrated our election systems in the two major municipalities of our region and have put themselves in charge of counting votes.

David Wulf is listed on the La Crosse Democrat Party Web site as the Vice Chairman.

His wife, Diane, is a City of Onalaska Alderman and the Council President.

She is also an officer of the Democrat Party

Through our investigation into local elections we have now uncovered that William Garcia, Merry Kocar, and David Wulf are also serving as Election officials for the City of Onalaska and City of La Crosse responsible for counting the votes in our most important elections where they have an undeniable interest in a certain outcome.

Are these Democrats deciding to invalidate Republican votes that were legally cast? Are they liberally approving Democrat votes which may not have been completed properly according to the law? Voters in Onalaska have reported multiple anomalies when they attempted to submit their legally cast absentee ballots. Were these Democrat Party officers blocking the way and delaying the process for Republicans?

Why hasn't the Democrat District Attorney opened an investigation?

Did Diane Wulf use her authority as council president to help get her husband appointed?

Did these Democrat Party officers have anything to do with the strange vote totals that came out of the November 2020 election?

Is it ethical for officers of a major political party to also be in charge of counting the votes?

Should these Democrat Party officials immediately resign from their vote counting positions?

Does this call into question the integrity of our voting system here in La Crosse County?

Does anyone care if this kind of corruption is occurring by Democrats?

Why are the city clerks listing these election officials as having no political party affiliations when they are officers of the Democrat Party?

What would happen if Republicans practiced this kind of behavior?

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We have come to accept this type of thing as we are so used to it. No media, elected official or anyone who can get heard is talking about this, and that has to change.

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