Do you hate Trump more than you Love America?

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Do you hate Trump more than you Love America?

April 21, 2024 - 13:52
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That is the question I have begun to ask my friends who are struggling with the decision to support Trump now that he is the likely Republican nominee. It is a very simple question designed to inspire some deep soul searching in order for each of us as voters to make a rational decision for who should lead this nation in the next White House.

Here’s another exercise that I have started to recommend to my friends:

  1. Make a list of all the issues that are important to you. List them in order from top to bottom with the most important at the top. Do this on paper so both your body and mind participates in the exercise and the learning takes a deeper meaning (trust me, there are studies that this is true). As an example, here is the list I would come up with: economy, law & order, national defense, immigration, ethics in government and media, education, election integrity
  2. Once you have gone through the mental exercise of listing the issues that are important to you, your mind should be aligning toward the types of outcomes that you want for America. This is good! Now list the candidates at the top who are going to be on the ballot going from left to right so they have their own columns as a matrix related to the issues you care about.
  3. Finally, make a mark in the column of the candidate who you believe will address the issues you care about. If you believe all candidates can equally address the issue then put a check in all their columns. Don’t lie to yourself if one edges out another by a small margin. 51/49 should go to the 51, not both.

Why do I bring this up? Our nation finds itself in a very dangerous position in its history. The culture has poisoned our politics with cults of personality. Instead of seeking outcomes to the issues we care about we find ourselves merely supporting the people we ‘like’ regardless of how brilliant the other may be. Trump is a great example. I hate his lack of messaging discipline and the tendency to spout off half cocked. However, I LOVED his choices for cabinet members and the policies he supported that strengthened every aspect of our nation. Booming economy. No wars. Peace accords spreading across the globe. Equal justice under the law practiced throughout the bureaucracy. I had to really consider what was more important to me? The superficial messaging problems or the policies and outcomes that so greatly benefited our nation? In other words, did I hate Trump's tweets more than I love America? My answer was a resounding, “OF COURSE NOT!”

I was a BIG supporter of Ron DeSantis (I donated both time and money to his campaign) during the primary season and I was sorely disappointed when he dropped out. I performed the mental exercise described above after some prayerful consideration and concluded that I love America much, much more than I hate any single candidate. I ended up finding that between Trump and Biden, Trump checks all the boxes for me and that is why I believe he is the best choice for the good of our nation.

We owe it to our children, grandchildren and all of posterity to get this right. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t cut corners and skip the homework. Don’t pretend that getting all your information from one source makes you knowledgeable enough to make a decision. Learn the facts from multiple points of view then make your decisions knowing that you worked hard to come to your conclusions using knowledge instead of superficial emotions.

Leave your comments below and tell me what you think.

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Wow, when I saw this comment, I thought it was a bit over the top, now I think this needs to be asked. A friend of mine says this is not electing a Pope, it is electing a CEO, who has a successful track record, and the approach to making America sustainable.

Many Americans are 100 percent going to vote for Trump, but there are many who don't think they will, and why? I get that Trump has a bar room brawling approach to his own self-defense, and it has worked for him in the private sector, but many find it a bit abrasive in government circles. As I child I was bullied, and it ended when I gave them some of their own medicine! To this day I detest bullies and I have learned putting it back in their faces is usually the only way to stop them. I guess my point is that Trump is who he is, and I will overlook his flaws to save America and the world.

I have a close friend who works in IT for a company that works all over the world, and he works with people in their 20s and 30s, they all hope we elect Trump, now what does that tell you?

You say save the world? Yes, I hope there is still time, as Biden's inept handling of every aspect of world affairs is devastating, and the world Tyrants are taking advantage of their opportunity to go unchecked by the world's peacekeeper.

So spread this question around, and give it serious thought, this election will decide the quality of life of our children and the world, and that is not an exaggeration.

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