Divorced Today; Remarried Tomorrow

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Divorced Today; Remarried Tomorrow

October 12, 2019 - 09:57
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For forty or more years the State of Wisconsin has had a “no-fault” divorce system which for all practical purposes became a “no-contest” system as well. This involved changing from the traditional divorce system involving fault and contest. Currently, Wisconsin law requires a six month waiting period for divorced parties before they can marry again. Now there are two bills being worked on in the State Capitol that would remove any waiting period whatsoever!

Assembly Bill 439 and Senate Bill 398 propose to eliminate Wisconsin’s statutory requirement of a 6-month waiting period after divorce before remarrying. These bills, although recently introduced, have already had public hearings and are in committee waiting for the committee vote before going to the entire Assembly or State Senate. Time for action is short or this will become law!

There are volumes of information about the negative results incurred with “no-fault” divorce – both the scars of hurt feelings by the couple and their immediate families and economic costs for the participants and government too. There are way too many facts to begin to share here. Wisconsin policy, as found in State Statutes Section 765.001(2), states “Marriage is the institution that is the foundation of the family and society.” And, now there is this move to weaken the institution of marriage even more by removing the waiting period after divorce.

Traditionally, after an engagement is announced there is a period before the marriage which is time for the two parties to grow together; to strengthen their personal relationship. With no waiting period, the next marriage can happen immediately (and end almost as fast). Think about it – children can go to school after breakfast with Mom & Dad and come home that afternoon and find out Mom has a new husband!

Again, time is critical so please contact your State Legislators (both Representative and Senator) and express your displeasure with AB 439 and SB 398. Voice your concerns, it might make a difference!

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This is a terrible policy. The founders of our nation knew that in order for the United States to be successful our people had to have a good moral compass. The historian Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good America will cease to be great." The most important foundation of our society is the family. If we make it easier to destroy that foundation then the rest of our culture will crumble with it.

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