The Disastrous Biden Economy

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The Disastrous Biden Economy

June 11, 2022 - 06:25
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This week the House of Representatives reconvened for legislative activity after a two-week recess. I also held a Telephone Town Hall with my friend and colleague Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4) to talk to folks back home about the issues that matter most to them. (More on that a little later).

The most frequent concern we heard about was the economy – specifically skyrocketing prices. As readers know, we’ve been sounding the alarm about President Biden’s disastrous policies and the likelihood that they would ignite the record-high inflation we’re now experiencing for over a year.

Today, the Consumer Price Index came out with the numbers from May which showed that inflation remained painfully high. In fact, the measure hit a fresh 40-year record, coming in at 8.6%, the largest increase since December 1981. Despite President Biden’s previous suggestion that inflation had peaked and would begin to drop – prices are still climbing at their fastest pace in nearly four decades and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

In other news, the Biden administration’s new economic messaging team, charged with changing public perception on the economy, is trying to convince Americans that our economy is actually in a better place now than it has been historically.

Apparently, Americans didn’t get the memo as a new poll by The Wall Street Journal this week showed that 83% described the state of the economy as poor or not good.

To make matters worse, more than one-third of respondents also said that they aren’t satisfied at all with their financial situation – which is the highest level of dissatisfaction since the survey began 50 years ago back in 1972.

People are feeling the impact of Joe’s policies at the pump, in their pocketbooks, and in their paychecks. It’s time for the President to change his policies that got us into this mess – not just his talking points.

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Possibly half of the American citizens can hang on for a while, but the other half will struggle as they could never have imagined. When you spend all your disposable income on gas and heating fuel, there is little left for food, and anything else. This is hard on the economy, the tax revenue, and all of us who are part of this economic system, we depend on each other for so many things. A ten percent drop in those active in the economy is devastating to the big picture, and we have many more than 10%

We were told that Biden would not raise the cost, and taxes for anyone making under $400,000, but every single person making even minimum wage is being crushed by Biden policies.

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