Defeating Democrats in the Third District

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Defeating Democrats in the Third District

October 24, 2017 - 14:57
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Fear and Loathing in Politics

I recently had a very interesting conversation about the 3rd Congressional District. I was asked,

"Why is everyone so afraid of running against Congressman Ron Kind?"

After thinking about it for a second I replied that I didn't think anyone was afraid of Ron. Many people are simply not interested in having to deal with the incredibly biased media in this district. Local media always overlook Ron's lazy behaviors in Washington and they unfairly paint his opponents in a negative light. Can you name for me just ONE thing that Ron has accomplished in the 20-years he has served? Ok, you can probably come up with one but try two... It's difficult, isn't it?

So, while Ron has pretty much accomplished nothing in all of his time, local media ignore that and, instead, focus their attention on the lies that his campaign manufactures regarding his opponents. They lie, cheat, and make up scandals about Republicans with no regard whatsoever for good journalistic practices like triple checking sources and verifying that what the Democrats are telling them is actually the truth. It takes a very special kind of courage to step into that one-sided playing field. Thank God there is a person with that kind of courage and his name is Steve Toft.

Mr. Toft just announced his candidacy so you can expect the biased media to go out of their way to frame their coverage of him in a negative light. I predict they'll manufacture controversies about President Trump and Speaker Ryan and completely avoid actually discussing Steve's unique skills and experience. They'll just try to lump him into the weirdness that is Washington D.C. politics even though Mr. Toft has never worked there.

The biased media will also do all kinds of mental gymnastics to AVOID reminding voters that President Trump won this district and that Ron Kind is in DEEP trouble within his own party due to the Bernie Sanders effect.

What's that you say? I'm being over dramatic? Well, that may be but think about this:

I used to joke about it but now I'm serious: the Republican Party should file a complaint with the FEC for the local media's unregistered, in-kind contributions to the Ron Kind campaign for all these years. They give him free advertising and free propaganda for every campaign and he never reports it to the FEC as he should. Why should he be allowed to violate campaign finance laws while Republicans must follow every law to the letter? I remember once being scolded for not listing a $5 ream of printer paper that someone had donated to the local Republican Party in 2005. How is it that the local media can just give away thousands of dollars to Ron in free advertising? What ever happened to equal justice under the law?

The only news you get consistently about Ron is when he has an opponent and now that he does you can bet they will start manufacturing lies about him. Remember that fake scandal they tried to pin on Dan Kapanke when he ran against Ron? Remember how it was timed perfectly around election day and then, after the election, it was found that he was totally innocent? Coincidental timing or media bias? You decide.

The point is that Ron can be beaten in a fair fight in this district. The question that Mr. Toft and his campaign must answer is, "How do we beat Ron Kind's communications department in the main stream media?" It's never a fair fight in this district so Mr. Toft must come up with a strategy to defeat both Ron and the local press. Good luck and God Bless.

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For one thing, Ron's greatest accomplishment has been getting elected, what, 11 times?

One question I have repeatedly asked of Ron and never gotten a straight or honest answer, is, "How can you increase the bureaucracy, increase regulations and tax the very goods and services that we all agree are too expensive already, and expect the price to go down?

Well the answer is in: Price goes down ONLY for those subsidized, but up for everyone else. AND the taxes and regulations push health care out of the realm of affordablity for even more people.

AND the talking heads on radio, do NOTHING to hold Ron accountable to the truth, while excluding challengers, "because he is our representative." How are challengers to get a fair shake unless they have something close to equal access to the media?

Yes, the cards are stacked, but the fight must go on.

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