Creating a Responsible Budget

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Creating a Responsible Budget

May 09, 2021 - 17:40
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The Joint Committee on Finance began writing Wisconsin's 2021-2023 biennial state budget this week. The process began with the committee removing hundreds of divisive policy items from the governor's budget proposal. His request is unworkable, unrealistic, unsustainable and includes massive spending and tax increases.

Thanks to responsible budgeting over the past decade, Wisconsin has seen record surpluses that have been used to lower the tax burdens for the people of our state. Governor Evers raises taxes by $1 billion to pay for a historically high level of spending. Governor Evers would have increased spending by nearly 10% - more than $8 billion over the biennium - which would have been the largest spending increase in almost 20 years.

The Joint Finance Committee removed the most policy items EVER from a governor's budget proposal including: the doubling of the state energy tax, Medicaid expansion, and the elimination of conservative reforms like Act 10 & right-to-work.

Republicans will work to craft a budget that is reasonable, responsible, realistic and truly reflects the priorities of the people of Wisconsin.

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We need to be responsible, not only for us, but for those who come after us. We must not end up like many states run by democrats for years. They should be able to see what democrat mentality has done to the blues states all over America.

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