Common Sense Gun Laws

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Common Sense Gun Laws

August 10, 2019 - 10:56
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For several years I have been calling for common sense gun laws. In all these years my common-sense proposals have fallen on deaf ears by politicians who are afraid of what the fake news will say about them if they support my proposals. It seems, even in the wake of additional mass shootings, I am still the only one with the courage to propose ideas that truly will work.

First, enact a ban on all gun free zones. As we have seen during mass shootings again and again, it is only a good person with a gun who stops an evil person with a gun. By banning all gun free zones, we would accomplish multiple goals:

  • Good people with guns will no longer be forced to disarm themselves and become victims of the dumbest law on the books. I call it the dumbest law on the books because it presumes that the gun is the problem when, in fact, it is immoral behavior that causes mayhem. For example, a good, law-abiding citizen like myself, married with children, church going every week and studying the Bible every day, does NOT suddenly and magically turn into a demonic murderer when we holster a concealed firearm. We certainly do not transform if we cross onto a public-school ground either or enter a government building. Good people with guns are just that: good.
  • Eliminating the dumbest law on the books will help encourage more good people to go armed everywhere and seek out good training courses to progress their skills. With more good people prepared to defend themselves and their communities it will create a massive disincentive for criminals to even think about preying on our people. God forbid, if any evil people do attempt to carry out their mayhem then the odds are much greater that a trained and prepared good person will be able to stop the threat at the point of attack. This is what appears to have been the case recently in Springfield, Missouri and, according to statistics, there are approximately 1 million uses of a gun for self-defense every year. Guns are saving lives every day when in the right hands.

Second, there is a deeper problem in this country which must be addressed but will take more time to cure due to the cultural nature of the problem. Ever since the 1960’s when God was banned from public schools our culture has descended deeper and deeper into a vacuum of morality. With each passing generation it seems that our citizens care less and less about the well-being of their neighbors and communities.

I propose a repeal of every law and legal precedent that restricts God from being present in any public space.

No more school rules against prayer. No more restrictions on where the Ten Commandments can be openly displayed. Let God back into this nation so His love can help fill the moral vacuum that has been caused by decades of progressive secularism.

These proposals are the most common sense approach our state and nation can take to address the problem of violence. While we may never completely stamp it out due to the sinful nature of man, these proposals will go a long way to making it much more difficult to carry out evil intentions and will reduce their frequency over time. The biggest problem we face right now is finding enough politicians with the courage to do the right thing.

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So much common sense in this article, the problem is with people who can't reason with facts.

Criminals, and unstable people don't follow the laws. Laws and rules don't apply to them! It is only law abiding citizens who follow the laws, leaving us at a severe disadvantage.

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