Is the City of Onalaska Violating State Law?

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Is the City of Onalaska Violating State Law?

January 09, 2022 - 20:58
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At the December 14, 2021 meeting of the Common Council, the City of Onalaska Clerk specified that she was going to treat election officials listed as ‘unaffiliated’ as if they were Democrats. Does this violate state law which mandates that those submitted from the two major political parties should receive preference? The corruption we reported on previously seems to be growing:

According to my reading of the state statutes the City of Onalaska must use the names from the party lists FIRST and then fill any remaining openings from the list of ‘unaffiliated’ election official nominees.

Also note during the discussion when Alderman Diane Oldani Wulf speaks and votes without hesitation. I mention her because she also happens to be an officer of the Democrat Party in addition to being the wife of David Wulf, one of the nominees to become an election official, who also serves as an officer of the Democrat Party (treasurer). Wouldn’t an ethical/honorable politician recuse themselves under such circumstances?

Need proof? Here is what the La Crosse Democrat Party web site shows at the time of this article:

Make no mistake: Democrats are lying, cheating scoundrels and have no moral compass to prevent them from abusing their political power for their own gain. Our team will continue to investigate this matter and will help keep the public aware of the deceptive practices by local Democrats. We’ll soon see if the City of Onalaska Clerk will follow the letter of the law or succumb to the pressure of the local Democrat Party and their allies in the bureaucracy.

Listen to the Common Council for yourself and compare what was said during this meeting with the statutes in Wisconsin State law:

NOTE: The statement that the clerk made regarding Libertarians was partially correct according to my reading of the law. State law clearly outlines that the two major political parties get to submit a list which must then be prioritized, HOWEVER, the party lists can contain the names of ANY person wishing to serve and there is no requirement that they must be from the party submitting the list. For example, if a Libertarian wanted to be certain they could serve as an election official, then they could contact the Republican Party chairman and be added to that list. Likewise, a Communist could contact the Democrat Party to be added to their list.

The local municipal clerks need to spend more time on how to follow these state laws now that Republicans are going to hold everyone accountable. Election integrity is one of the MAJOR themes that will be debated throughout this entire election season so it is imperative that everyone learn the facts instead of playing fast and loose with state laws.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Alderman Wulf was contacted for a comment but no reply has been received at the time of this publishing.

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For what may be described as political correctness or politeness, we have lost Checks and Balances. Stand up for what is proper and fair.

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