October 2023

Federal Judge Upholds Law Barring Males From Girls' Bathrooms

October 28, 2023 - 07:49

Earlier this month, US District Court for the District of Idaho Judge David Nye upheld Idaho’s law that requires students with gender dysphoria to use the bathrooms and locker rooms based on their biological sex rather than their alleged gender identity.

Nye wrote, "The state of Idaho has an interest in protecting the privacy and safety of its youth while at school. It has written a law to achieve that goal…,” adding that it is the court’s duty to interpret the law, not make the law.

Supporting School Choice

October 28, 2023 - 07:44

State test results from the 2022-23 school year show progress toward reaching pre-pandemic scores, but wide gaps exist for both racial and socioeconomic statuses. Also, Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) acknowledged that "schools that remained in a hybrid or virtual instructional model for longer (like MMSD) saw greater declines in proficiency rates post-pandemic and a longer road to recovery."

Live Update on Lawsuit Against La Crosse Announced

October 28, 2023 - 07:10

Mark your calendar for Monday, November 6, 2023 to attend a presentation with questions and answers regarding a live update on the lawsuit against the city of La Crosse for its ban on conversion therapy that was passed in September of 2022. Joy Buchman, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, will join Luke Berg from Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) in speaking about the status of the lawsuit.

Election Integrity Survey 2023 (Straw Poll) Interim Report October 2023

October 25, 2023 - 07:10

The following is a summary report on the 2023 Election Integrity Survey (Straw Poll). This survey is sponsored by the Republican Party of Monroe County, Wisconsin. The survey was created as a means of keeping the subject of election integrity at the forefront of issues to be considered by prospective 2024 presidential election voters. It is also a means of informing government legislators and officials of the will of respondents (who are Wisconsin constituents) on this most important matter.

Future of America

October 21, 2023 - 08:13

Earlier in October I joined about 70 others attending the “Future of America” event hosted by the Wisconsin College Republicans at a facility on Front Street in La Crosse. One of the many speakers correctly pointed out that the college age generation is not the future of America but rather the heart of America!

My commitment to Israel in the midst of congressional chaos

October 21, 2023 - 07:59

I served our country for over 26 years, mostly as a Navy SEAL. During that time, I spent a full 16 years away from my family either training for combat, training others for combat, or in combat. I volunteered for all of my deployments and training assignments, knowing that they would separate me from my family but understanding that they would make me a better warrior so that I could protect my country and my family more effectively. Consequently, I lived and worked on five different continents during my time of service.

Assembly Floor Session

October 14, 2023 - 18:53

The Assembly has again passed legislation to protect women’s sports by keeping competition on a level playing field. The bills ensure that student-athletes are competing in accordance with their respective sex, as determined by a physician at birth and reflected on their birth certificate. A third category is coed or allowing participants of any sex the opportunity to compete together.