May 2022

ICYMI: inflation soars 8.3% in April, hovering near 40-year high

May 12, 2022 - 17:42

Wisconsinites continue to face challenges making ends meet as the Biden-Pelosi fueled inflation remains sky-high in the month of April.

With prices 8.3% more expensive than last year across the board, including gas prices that have nearly doubled on average nationwide during the Biden Administration, Wisconsin families are feeling the impact of the Biden-Pelosi agenda on a daily basis.

As Mom’s are desperate to feed their children, the White House spokesperson laughs when asked who is working on fixing the baby formula shortage.


May 12, 2022 - 08:15

On day one, I will call the Wisconsin Legislature into a Special Session to fix the election mess and protect the integrity of every single ballot. Lawmakers can raise their hand, take the oath of office, and get to work on this important issue. In particular, I am calling for the dramatic reformation of the Wisconsin Election Commission. At the direction of WEC, more than two hundred thousand people claimed indefinite confinement in the 2020 election, circumventing photo identification requirements to receive and cast their absentee ballots.

Former Ambassador and Intelligence Director Richard Grenell endorses Derrick Van Orden for Wisconsin’s 3rd District

May 09, 2022 - 19:37

Former Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of US National Intelligence announced he is endorsing me for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd District.

Ambassador Grenell released the following statement :

“Derrick Van Orden knows what it means to serve his country. From the battlefields as a SEAL to his home community, Derrick has committed his life to public service and keeping our nation safe. Derrick is the America First candidate the people of Wisconsin deserve. I fully support his campaign to bring real leadership back to Washington.”

Kaul is unfit to hold the office

May 09, 2022 - 19:31

The radical Left blatantly ignores the law.

Riots, looting, speech police, and breaking election law … liberals place their personal, leftist ideology above the rule of law. That’s dangerous, wrong, and a threat to our democracy.

Wisconsin’s liberal attorney General Josh Kaul is no different.

Kaul says he will ignore Wisconsin’s abortion statutes if Roe v. Wade is overturned. He picks and chooses which laws to enforce based on his political agenda. That makes him unfit to hold the office of attorney general.

The Battle Begins Here

May 09, 2022 - 18:49

We all have heard the news of the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe vs Wade. If the court holds to their ruling and officially ends our federally approved slaughter of babies we will be in for the fight of our lives. Wisconsin will go back to enforcing abortion restrictions in all cases in which the mother's life is not threatened. This is of course fantastic news, but let’s not kid ourselves, the fight nationwide and statewide is only just beginning.

Negative Impacts of Biden Administration on the Local Economy

May 08, 2022 - 12:20

I hosted a discussion yesterday with local small business owners in Onalaska to talk about the issues that need to be tackled in Washington so that community businesses can thrive.

The discussion brought together bar and restaurant owners, farm suppliers, childcare providers, and more to talk about how inflation and rising costs are creating a devastating climate for local businesses.

The Diabolical Left Strikes Again

May 07, 2022 - 06:00

While the whole nation is fired up about the possible end of the disastrous, immoral, and unconstitutional Roe vs. Wade and Casey legal opinions, I am far more concerned about the behaviors that are destroying our legal system in America.

Who leaked the Supreme Court draft document?

Which Supreme Court protocols were violated?

What are the consequences for violating those protocols?

What was their motivation?

Wisconsin needs new leadership

May 05, 2022 - 16:35

The leaked preliminary Supreme Court opinion that came out this week further highlighted the fact that Wisconsin needs new leadership.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is advocating for Congress to protect abortion, Attorney General Josh Kaul has said that he will not enforce current Wisconsin law, and Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm openly admits that he will refuse to do his job.

I PRAY THAT ROE V. WADE IS OVERTURNED – and that we elect leaders of our state that have the courage to do the right thing.