Will Leftists Ever Learn?

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Will Leftists Ever Learn?

March 15, 2018 - 13:54
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Good Guy with a Gun

I am a student of history and I have been all my life. I have recently enjoyed the magnificent book by our local author Don Gaunky (See the link to this book provided on the right side panel of CouleeConservatives.com) who provides a very detailed slice of history in his life while serving as an escort for a deceased soldier (his own brother) in a time of war. Please check that out if you have not already. I promise you will be a better person after reading it.

I have also spent A LOT of time studying the founding of this nation and the amazing men and women who fought in the Revolutionary War. In addition to the personalities, I have studied the work they produced known as the United States Constitution. Now that I have that context out of the way, let us begin...

Dana Wachs, one of the many Democrat candidates for Governor, put out a statement that you can find at the following link: http://www.thewheelerreport.com/wheeler_docs/files/0315wachs.pdf

In this statement he writes,

It does
nothing to address the fact that a dangerous person can purchase a weapon of war designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time without facing a background check or a waiting period.

Let's ignore his lie for a second and I'll give you my knee jerk reaction -- Uhhhhhh, yes! That's the whole point of the Second Amendment. What do the words "...shall not be infringed" mean to you? That's not a rhetorical question. Please leave a comment below and describe in as much detail as you can what those words mean to YOU.

Now, about his lie: as a proud, traditional American, self-reliant, defender of my property and family man, I have purchased several firearms in my lifetime and I'm going to use all caps for the next statement because it destroys the lie from Democrats: EVERY PURCHASE I MADE REQUIRED ME TO PERFORM A BACKGROUND CHECK BEFORE I COULD FORK OVER MY MONEY AND TAKE POSSESSION OF MY NEW FIREARM.

Let me educate you: I know this is very uncomfortable to talk about especially for those of you in the Democrat Party who worship the government as your latest, shiny idol - but here is the truth. The Second Amendment was written specifically to ensure that American citizens would never have their armaments taken away from them by a tyranical government. It was written so that - God forbid the wrong people ever get into power (all Democrats for example who want to confiscate your firearms) - the people of the United States would have the firepower necessary to defend themselves against abusive government.

There, I said it. That is the truth of the Second Amendment and anyone studying our history with even half a brain can see that. Our founding fathers just finished fighting a brutal war against the most powerful superpower the world had ever known.

That Revolution started slowly and did not erupt into a full on shooting war UNTIL the British decided to start going door-to-door and confiscate Patriot weapons.

Mr. Wachs would do well to understand that our nation was born with guns in our hands to defend ourselves and we are not going to EVER let any government take them away from us. Not even our own government if they should be so foolish and repeat history by following the example of King George's England.

Oh, but it gets even better...

Mr. Wachs also writes,

It is astonishing that this proposal comes less than 24 hours after thousands of students from all across the state marched right up to Walker's office to demand gun safety changes. A real leader listens to the people he was elected to represent.

I'm glad he used the word "astonishing" because that is exactly how stupid his statement is. I am astonished at how devious the Democrats have become. Every time I think they cannot stoop any lower they astonish me again. How dare they manipulate and extort these young people with their false narratives and fear mongering propaganda? Have they no decency? What about those of us who actually vote and pay taxes in this state? Do the opinions of children count more than our own? And what about the Second Amendment? Should we just ignore that because children are crying? I am astonished at how stupid some people can be.

I know that sounds cold and someone who has no idea what is in my heart will try to portray my words as monstrous. But they will be making fools of themselves if they try. I pray every day for the safety of anyone who is stuck working or learning in a gun free zone where there is no one to stop a deranged lunatic from causing mayhem. The answer is not to punish the good guys like me who own guns lawfully - the answer is to BAN GUN FREE ZONES so people have their God-given right to self protection and the protection of the innocent. A retired teacher recently said to me, "I think about that courageous coach who used his body to protect children. What if he were allowed to have a gun in that situation? He could have used that to stop the massacre before it even started."

Mr. Wachs should set aside his petty, political agenda and re-read the Constitution that he SWORE to uphold when he took his oath of office!

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