Whatever happened to Journalistic Ethics?

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Whatever happened to Journalistic Ethics?

March 17, 2017 - 13:35
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Whatever happened to Journalistic Ethics?

While reading today's La Crosse Tribune (3/17), I came upon an AP wire article: "Walker and Trump differ on defunding". I fully understand the Tribune did not write this article — they just included it because it is concerning both Governor Walker and President Trump. However, the first phrase of the first sentence shows the preconception that this writer has:

"President Trump and his close Republican ally Scott Walker are at odds…"

Talk about revisionist history - I believe I still remember the fighting between them in the primaries, and the rather reluctant last minute lukewarm endorsement by Walker. I am not sure, but that does not sound like a close ally's actions. The remainder of the article follows the same pattern - you can reread the article in the Hometown section.

Possibly this article would have been acceptable on the Opinion page where opinions are encouraged, but as a news story? The apparent and upfront bias should not be acceptable.

I took multiple journalism classes in both high school and college, and I am quite sure each of my teachers / professors would have been appalled by both this article and by the decision to print it as news.


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