What does liberty and freedom mean to you?

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What does liberty and freedom mean to you?

August 10, 2019 - 10:15
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Governor Evers has called for universal background checks on all gun transactions. That means that in order for it to work, the government will need to know who owns all guns and where they live, where the guns are stored and what type they are. (Please note that those who have criminal gun uses in mind will not participate.)

People who have never (that is as in NEVER) had any problem in following the laws will have to make choices. One choice: Will they risk going hunting if they don't comply? Any traffic problem on a hunting trip would offer an officer the opportunity to check ownership and possession with the records. The same goes for a game warden. (If you and a friend had traded the use of each other's gun, that is a transaction and you don't have the authority to do a background check.) Now, any other of your guns and your check book's balance are at risk; confiscation and fines - - or worse.

The governor has also called for 'red flag laws'. Worse. First, people who need professional help will not go to get it because of the risk; risk that all of their guns will be confiscated - - without the exercise of due process in court. Second, if there is anybody jealous of you, has a grudge against you, or just doesn't like your beliefs or behavior, they can "throw a red flag". (That anybody could even be a boss or co-worker that suffered when you take a better job. - - could be a spouse or an 'ex' who wants to hurt you. - - could be a government official that feels your opposition.)

What next; a permit to express your opinion? What's that about the 1st Amendment? Yes, it's the one before the 2nd . This freedom and liberty thing is troublesome. Treat the terrorists for what they are - - expendable; not celebrities.

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