Warning: Vulgar / Liberal / Progressive / Marxists in Raw Footage

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Warning: Vulgar / Liberal / Progressive / Marxists in Raw Footage

October 11, 2017 - 13:08
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Warning: Liberal/Progressive/Marxists in Raw Footage

Sometimes it is humorous but at other times it is just downright disgusting. This is an example of when it is a little of both. The humorous part about the following protest is just how tone deaf and un-hinged these idiots are right now. While the nation is being inundated with the disgusting tales of how Harvey Weinstein has been mis-treating, abusing, and possibly raping women for decades these snowflakes on a major college campus are shoving male parts into our faces to make a point. What point are they trying to make? That male parts should be shoved into the faces of all female students? That male parts, when shoved into the faces of female students, create an ideal environment for learning? The moronic protesters caught on video are using the Harvey Weinstein line of reasoning and they are so stupid that they don't even realize how badly they are damaging their own movement. That is hilarious.

Now the disgusting part... Notice what happens when a woman approaches and provides a logical, reasoned argument based on a real-life experience. A real-life experience when a monster literally used his male parts to rape her friend.

Not so funny anymore, is it?

Instead of hugging her and acknowledging the terrible crime that was committed against her friend they start up a zombie-like chant to drown out the truth. They cannot deal with the reality of the situation that was just presented to them: that sometimes it is necessary to defend ones life against evil people in this world. It disgusts me and it makes me wonder when it was that protesters like this surrendered their humanity in order to worship at the alter of their sick, political ideology? #resistTheResistance

Kudos to the folks at MacIver for capturing the truth about these protesters.

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