Supporting Local Candidates

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Supporting Local Candidates

March 16, 2022 - 18:40
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The local Democrat party is making noises again about Republican involvement in local elections. The truth is that Republicans are finally realizing that the County Board and School Boards have a big impact on our lives.

Former La Crosse Tribune editor Dick Mial wrote a story about local Dems meeting at the Doyle Law Office about the time I became a Community Columnist back in 2004. Long before I joined the Republican Party in 2008.

When I ran for County Board in 2010, I soon learned just how much the local Dems were involved in these nonpartisan elections. Voters in my district received a letter from Congressman Ron Kind endorsing my opponent.

More recently in 2020, Assembly Rep. Steve Doyle sent a letter of endorsement in the race for the 24th Assembly District.

The local Democrat party has dominated these local elections for decades. They are the ones who politicized local government. The Republican response has finally begun.

We are supporting candidates who are both independents and Republicans. We think our Democrat controlled county government has gone off the rails. We are supporting candidates who won’t defund the police and won’t increase our $77 million county debt. We support candidates who will use ARPA money to address problems like clean water to Campbell, broadband expansion to rural La Crosse County and improvement of our crumbling county roads.

We are also supporting candidates for school board who will represent parents’ concerns.

You can learn more at and please vote on April 5th

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