Reactions to State of the Union

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Reactions to State of the Union

January 31, 2018 - 06:44
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Reactions to State of the Union

We have seen unprecedented economic growth over the last year, the lowest levels of unemployment in decades and hope for the future. And Ron Kind has fought against it tooth and nail. We've passed tax reform, eliminated regulations, focused on infrastructure needs and began reining in a sprawling federal government. Instead of accepting the positive polices being put in place, Washington Democrats like Ron Kind are standing in the way and refusing to do what is right for the people of the 3rd District.

Ron Kind voted against the tax reform bill passed by Congress that will save the average 3rd District household of four $2,500 in taxes. He also voted to shutdown the government which put nearly 19,000 children, in the 3rd District, who are enrolled in CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) in danger.

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