Race Relations and the Fake News

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Race Relations and the Fake News

August 22, 2017 - 07:24
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Fake News

I do a lot of travelling for work these days and I find it fascinating that CNN has a monopoly within our airports. These CNN commentators and "journalists" are completely delusional and so are their benefactors in the Democrat Party. If what they say is true we would see lynching on every street corner and swastikas in every home. WE DO NOT.

These fake news outlets and their pals in the Democrat Party are conducting a propaganda campaign designed to tear our country apart just so they can claim that it was Trump's fault. They put their political agenda ahead of what is best for the nation. How sick is that?

There can be no doubt that there are some very disturbed, small-minded people in this country. Some of them wave Nazi flags around and scream obscenities causing outrage and chaos and some of them wave rainbow flags and AntiFa symbols while screaming obscenities to cause outrage and chaos. How are they any different from one another? Do both groups deserve First Amendment rights?

When these two idiotic groups were committing violence against each other in Charlottesville I exclaimed in frustration, "Let them destroy each other! They are all un-American!"

While I regret my frustration at that time I stand by my conclusion. Any organization that promotes violence in order to force their will on others is un-American and should be prosecuted under the strictest interpretation of the laws. I put CNN in that category. They are promoting violence with their irresponsible rhetoric that is inciting reprobates like David Duke and degenerates in the AntiFa movement to keep doing what they're doing. CNN IS SCREAMING 'FIRE' IN A CROWDED THEATRE. CNN and the rest of the fake news are culprits and should be held accountable for their part inciting violence and encouraging future bad conduct.

Ladies and gentlemen, I beseech you, do not fall for their lies and fake news. Walk around your neighborhood. That is America. What they show you on tv is their manufactured version of it and it is not authentic. It is cooked up at Democrat Party headquarters and then relayed to fake news outlets via press releases and conference calls all in an effort to sucker you into voting for more restrictions on your freedom like electing people who take your health care out of your control and put it in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

They ignore the 99% of us in America who are color blind and peaceful. We are the Americans who work with our friends and neighbors to build things, fix things, invent things, help each other when a helping hand is necessary, and pray together. We are the 99% who make America great.

But if you were to believe CNN, you wouldn't know that we even exist because all they focus on are the 1% who create chaos and discord. It sickens me and I pray that the Department of Justice will take the fake news into consideration when they investigate the violence and who is promoting it.


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