Political Endorsements

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Political Endorsements

February 03, 2018 - 11:35
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Judge Michael Screnock visiting with La Crosse GOP in caucus

Endorse (verb): to give approval to; support; sanction (to endorse a candidate)

Endorsement (noun): a statement endorsing a person or product as in an advertisement

The 2018 election season is upon us! A primary for State Supreme Court is on February 20th with the non-partisan spring elections following in early April. Then, it won’t seem very long until the August primaries leading to the November elections for US Senate, Governor, Congressman, state legislators, and some other county and state leaders.

An integral part of most campaigns for public office are endorsements from friends, family, neighbors, long-term acquaintances, elected officials, fellow employees, or professional associates. Some major campaigns openly list professional endorsements or publicize the number of endorsements received. Other endorsements are in the form of a Letter to the Editor or personal comments on social media.

Empty comments like “I’ve known the candidate since childhood” or “I work with the candidate” are near meaningless unless further information is provided. Endorsements that share recent accomplishments, participation in volunteer or community activities, military experience, education, or leadership experiences have more meaning when evaluating which candidate is the best for an office.

In the coming State Supreme Court election, I favor the candidate with a lot of endorsements from justices currently on or recently on the State Supreme Court – Judge Michael Screnok. The two Republican candidates for US Senate each have some endorsements. The military veteran has been endorsed by former UN Ambassador John Bolton while the current State Senator has numerous endorsements from state legislators and political activists. However, when I asked one State Senator why he had endorsed that candidate, his response was simply “Because I work with her.” I am still undecided on which candidate will get my vote.

You too can endorse your favorite candidate for office. First do your research on why your candidate is the very best candidate. Then write out a one hundred to two hundred word statement sharing your thoughts. Then, submit it as a Letter to the Editor or post it on social media. Your persuasive comments might make a difference in the election!

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