The Pit of Moral Decay (Warning: Explicit Material)

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The Pit of Moral Decay (Warning: Explicit Material)

February 28, 2017 - 10:33
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Madison Schools The Pit of Moral Decay

I hope every tax payer who sees this story from my friends at MacIver will find out if their local tax dollars are being used in this manner and do something to put a stop to it. Tony Evers must be stopped as just one step to correct this madness. Madison is in the pit of absolute moral decay by actively destroying the innocence of children in their schools. I find this to be so utterly disgusting and outrageous that I'm having a hard time finding words. See for yourself but be warned, you may be disgusted and outraged as a result.

Here at our mission is to help promote and encourage traditional American values. We care deeply about the values that make America great. Values like a husband and wife working together to raise their children to be good and moral members of society. Part of that effort includes protecting their innocence for as long as possible in a culture that all too often celebrates deviant behavior and robs children of a healthy childhood.

I pray for the children of our nation who don't even have a chance to learn these moral values because of the disgusting examples they are forced to be around in places like the Madison public school system.

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