Minneapolis Mayor bills wrong party

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Minneapolis Mayor bills wrong party

October 26, 2019 - 09:45
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The big news in the main street media recently was that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey had sent a bill for $530,000 to the Trump campaign to cover the extra security costs for the President’s October 10th visit to the Target Center in Minneapolis. There are a couple of questions that need to be asked.

First, I understand this is about a half million dollars more than the costs for President Obama’s September 2009 visit to push “Obamacare”. Has inflation over the past decade caused this outlandish difference? How else can the Mayor defend the half million dollar difference? While there are added costs for traffic control, the more noticeable added costs had been projected for demonstrators outside the facility. Being a political event, it was obvious the thousands of patriotic Americans there to see and support the President were well behaved while the disruptive Democrats outside the facility were there to create chaos. It was this disruptive disrespect that caused the extra security costs.

Some of the emotion of the day centered on the new rule from the city leaders that off duty city policemen could not wear their uniforms to the event. This is an apparent change to previous events where policemen were allowed to wear their uniforms. The citizens concerned made bright red “Cops for Trump” t-shirts which were evident throughout the crowd.

Since the added security was required by the disruptive demonstrators outside the facility and not the proud patriotic people there to see and support the President, I would suggest the Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis should have submitted the bill for added security to the Democrat Party. This disruptive demonstration appears to be part of the national Democrat strategy – just look at what the U.S. House of Representatives is doing these days. Or, even look a decade ago when the Democrat State Senators left Wisconsin to avoid doing their job. Does it surprise you that a Democrat Mayor of a major American City would join the fray?

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