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It's time.

May 31, 2020 - 10:16
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As I've mentioned before, Ron Kind is a 23-year career politician who has wasted away his years in office. His two decades of "service" in D.C. have been nothing but a testament to the strong power grip of Pelosi and the threat of career politicians in Washington. In short, Ron Kind’s fake leadership is long past its expiration date.

Join Team Van Orden Today

I am running for Congress to bring a voice back to the people of WI-03 because Ron Kind is an out-of-date, do-nothing pushover that follows the misguided leadership of Nancy Pelosi. It is time we replace this career politician with a dedicated public servant who will always stand up and fight for the values and needs of the people of Wisconsin.

Unlike Ron Kind, I am willing to bring the voice of Wisconsin to our nation's capital.

Please help my team reach our end-of-month fundraising goal so I can bring real WI-03 representation to D.C. and stand up to Pelosi’s liberal posse. It’s time for a change. This starts with electing a dedicated servant willing to fight for you!

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