Good Bye NFL and Advertisers

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Good Bye NFL and Advertisers

October 03, 2017 - 06:07
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Good Bye NFL and Advertisers

I'm officially done with the NFL. I love football. I've been loving football since I was a toddler. BUT I LOVE AMERICA EVEN MORE. I will not watch the NFL and I will not buy products that advertise with the NFL as long as they continue to disrespect our nation and our flag. These sick, selfish, anti-American punks couldn't even respect their country enough to unite on a day when the families of 59 people are preparing for funerals? Really?! They really think their petty, political movement is more important than showing respect to those families who lost loved ones in the Las Vegas terrorist attack? Good bye NFL. When you return to loving our country I will return to loving football. #iMissAmerica

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