Godly Living Can Cure our Culture

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Godly Living Can Cure our Culture

April 09, 2017 - 19:21
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Godly Living Can Cure our Culture

Atheists and Agnostics do not accept a supreme power over their lives. It seems our elected officials, the courts, public schools, and the media agree that we can live just fine without the recognition of an ultimate God, instead each person can be their own god. They reject a Judge who has the ultimate rule over their lives, and their souls after earthly death.

As a Christian I am naturally concerned for their eternal well-being, but when their choices affect our culture and our nation, I as a citizen am very disturbed.

Unbelievers say that a person can lead a very good life and not be Jewish, Christian or religious in any way. That may be somewhat true, but silence is approval of results in our society. If that be the case, why are jails are bursting, drugs are rampant and there is little or no sense of responsibility for sexual behavior resulting in uncared-for children.

Far too many parents, both fathers and mothers, abandon parental responsibilities. Those responsibilities should be taught in a church that recognizes a supreme being who gave us commandments. God’s wisdom is a prime example so we can lead quiet, peaceable lives. Of course, Christians too, are guilty of breaking these commandments, but forgiveness is offered and given in the name of Christ for those who repent.

For Christians, Easter season is one of immense joy and recognition of a merciful God who sent his son to be our defense attorney. He has total power in our lives and society if we allow Him to be the One.

Please join me in this Easter celebration!!!

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