Full Audit of Election Procedures

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Full Audit of Election Procedures

November 06, 2020 - 22:03
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Patrick Testin, State Senator, 24th Senate District
Nancy VanderMeer, Representative, 70th Assembly District
Brad Pfaff, State Senator-Elect, 32nd Senate District
Steve Doyle, Representative, 94th Assembly District
Jill Billings, Representative, 95th Assembly District

I am the editor in chief of the web site CouleeConservatives.com and our readers throughout the Coulee Region are demanding action about the recent election. Many are concerned about the integrity of this election especially considering the credible reports of anomalies. Several of them relate to the actions of unelected bureaucrats and their possible violations of state law.

Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that each state legislature is responsible for election laws: not unelected bureaucrats, not the governor, not the secretary of state. It is your job as representatives in the legislature. We demand a full audit of the election results and expect that any violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Following are a handful of the concerns that have been expressed to me by our readers:

  1. How many ballots were filled out solely for Joe Biden with no votes down ballot? Those would be a sure sign of attempted fraud and should be fully investigated.
  2. How many of the ballots were received from those on the list of 130,000 who were identified as having moved? Democrats were successful in getting their judges to keep those fraudulent voters on the rolls so an investigation must be conducted to see if they voted in violation of our election laws.
  3. How many ballots were mailed in without proper postmarks?
  4. How many ballots were mailed in without positive identification and proof of residency?

Thank you for your consideration,
Chris Muller
Onalaska, Wi

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