Extreme Risk Protection Order is Extreme Violation of Civil Rights

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Extreme Risk Protection Order is Extreme Violation of Civil Rights

September 25, 2019 - 03:47
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The first paragraph in the Democrat's new proposed bill known as an Extreme Risk Protection Order otherwise known as 'Red Flag' law shows just how unnecessary this even is:

Under current law, a person is prohibited from possessing a firearm, and must surrender all firearms, if the person is subject to a domestic abuse injunction, a child abuse injunction, or, in certain cases, a harassment or an individuals-at-risk injunction. If a person surrenders a firearm because the person is subject to one of those injunctions, the firearm may not be returned to the person until a court determines that the injunction has been vacated or has expired and that the person is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm. A person who is prohibited from possessing a firearm under such an injunction is guilty of a Class G felony for a violation of the prohibition.

So you see, Wisconsin already has a legal provision for dangerous people to have their firearms removed. Current law respects our civil rights by only pursuing these measures after due process and legal injunctions have been filed.

The second paragraph is some of the scariest wording I have ever encountered in a piece of legislation and the Democrats who wrote it show us exactly the kind of wannabe tyrants they are:

This bill creates an extreme risk protection temporary restraining order and an extreme risk protection injunction. Upon receiving a petition filed by a law enforcement officer or a family or household member of the respondent, a court shall schedule an injunction hearing. The court also shall issue a temporary restraining order prohibiting the respondent from possessing a firearm and ordering the respondent to surrender all firearms if the court finds reasonable grounds that the respondent is substantially likely to injure the respondent or another person if the respondent possesses a firearm. The temporary restraining order remains in effect until the injunction hearing.

This is going to be abused. Period.

Every rational human being can see that any 'family or household member' could easily lie to a court and have an innocent person's 2nd Amendment rights whisked away with absolutely no due process. If this terrible legislation were to become law then spiteful spouses in a bad marriage or jealous roommates or even nosy neighbors will be able to go to a judge and have an innocent person's firearms removed. Yes, I added nosy neighbors there because that is how terrible legislation like this works. If it becomes law then the slippery slope begins and even worse violations of the 2nd Amendment will occur.

Democrats have shown us through the wording they chose in their legislation that they are not interested in representing the people of this state. No, they are more interested in RULING us.

I urge the Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature to vigorously oppose this legislation. It is a disaster waiting to happen so destroy it before it causes too much chaos.

I urge all Wisconsin voters to never again trust Democrats with any kind of power in this state. If you vote for any Democrat then you are providing fuel to their modern movement which seeks to RULE over us. As you can see in the way they so easily attempt to violate our most basic civil rights, they simply cannot be trusted with power.

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