Democrat Vandal Crime Spree Comes to a Close

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Democrat Vandal Crime Spree Comes to a Close

March 15, 2017 - 06:46
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Democrat Vandal Crime Spree Comes to a Close

We had a new hate crime in the LaCrosse area; it was akin to mining a rice paddy. A low life, deranged individual has been putting roofing nails on driveways and who knows where else. This was done to inflict pain and suffering on honorable people who are trying to preserve traditional America.

Here's how the La Crosse Tribune reported it:

A La Crosse man admitted throwing roofing nails into driveways of residents who supported Republican candidates after someone stole his lawn sign supporting a Democratic candidate, according to La Crosse police reports.

Martin Sellers, 59, of 2126 Hoeschler Drive, told police he “has done some stupid things” during his arrest Sunday for criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, reports stated.

Read the whole story here.

I have never thought there was a place for Hate Crimes, as all crime is bad and should be punished based on its level of severity. But this crime literally defines Hate Crime. So now I am a believer in hate crimes and I am looking for a severe punishment for this low life scum. He admitted to several of these attacks but who knows how many he actually did? One of my friends was a victim of this type of attack but he was ridiculed for making it up at that time... now we know.

So are we going to get judicial sympathy for this thug? Seems likely but let’s hope for justice. Let’s hope for some restitution and a hot summer in Joe Arpaio’s jail! We have seen the local judges in action so who knows if it will be harsh punishment or a simple slap on the wrist?

Thanks to one citizen who put in a surveillance camera and literally caught this guy in action, his crime spree is over. I wonder if this scumbag's actions had any influence on the election turnout? Who says there is no voter fraud?


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