County Board Gets Wish for Low Turnout

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County Board Gets Wish for Low Turnout

April 06, 2017 - 05:20
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Multi-Million Dollar County Administration Center - Purchased Instead of Fixing Roads

According to the La Crosse County web site, there are 79,612 registered voters in La Crosse County. The County Board was "hoping" for a low voter turnout and they got their wish with less that 20% of registered voters turning out.

8,361 La Crosse County residents voted yes for the PRAT. The La Crosse Tribune reported,

"Most La Crosse County voters support the idea of paying more in sales taxes to generate money to repair the county highway system."

Simple math tells us that just over 10% of registered voters, voted in favor of the PRAT. 10% is a far cry from "most." If we adjust the numbers for the "transient" student voters who will vote YES to raise our taxes because they won't be around to pay them, the real percentage is probably closer to 8% who believe strongly in bigger government, massive debt, higher taxes, and votes YES for the PRAT.

The fact is, 80% of La Crosse County voters were complacent and didn't even care enough to vote so, the 8 - 10% of La Crosse County voters who believe strongly in bigger government, massive debt, and higher taxes have spoken for the silent majority.

If I'm ever contacted by anyone who is upset about the PRAT, I'm going to pull a Sharon Hampson. I'm going to check the voter rolls for yesterday and if they didn't vote, I'm going to tell them to their face, "You got what you wanted because you were too damn lazy to vote. Don't cry to me now, just get out your wallet and hand over the money."

As they say, "You get the government you don't vote for."


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