Christians in Election Season

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Christians in Election Season

August 30, 2020 - 16:36
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One of the devils favorite tricks is to get Christians to fight over the feature sin of the election year and keep Christians from seeing and talking about the real solution. This election year it seems to be abortion. It has been the the feature sin in the past together with marriage, divorce, LBGT, racism, war, capital punishment, gambling, state aid etc.

The devil knows that sin is sin! Every thought, word, or action that does not agree with God’s will is sin. No sin is greater or smaller. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die”. The devil knows this and experienced it when he was kicked out of Heaven.

So why does he keeping pumping up feature sins? He knows that some Christians will get so caught up in defending their view of a feature sin, they will not have time for the solution for sin of the past, present or future.

All sin has a common redemption...FORGIVENESS! JESUS CHRIST!! He gave his life, our Savior, once and for all sin.

To identify the correct feature sin for the upcoming election does not have the ability to forgive that sin or any other.

FAITH in Jesus Christ and His all atoning sacrifice accomplishes that saving action. GRACE!

So, Christians, recognize abortion for what it is, SIN!

Make sure everyone; abortionists, supporters of abortion, those seeking and getting abortions, as well as the politicians who have found a way to vote for and make their supporters believe they are against abortion, know that Jesus Christ is the Savior from all sin, even abortion. That is the only way God’s kingdom will be enlarged.

When it comes to electing a leader for the kingdom of this world Christians need to recognize there are no sinless leaders, no sinless human beings. So voting for a leader because you feel his sin list is longer than his opponent’s is wrong.

What is important is....Does the potential leader know the solution for sin? JESUS CHRIST!!

Will he help our nation by publicly acknowledging Him as his Savior? Will he lead our country in a way that will let us prosper, with God’s help and His will be done? Will that leader allow us to use our God given gift of liberty, justice and self determination?

God has blessed our nation in the past because of our heritage but it is quickly being lost. He will continue to bless our nation if we prayerfully seek Him in words and actions.

Vote to regain that heritage and receive God’s blessings!!!

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