21st Century Solutions for School Safety

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21st Century Solutions for School Safety

March 17, 2018 - 08:13
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Muller for City Council @onalaskaMuller

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Since the tragedy in Florida I’ve been praying about what can be done to ensure the safety of our own community. It breaks my heart to think about the parents who are burying their children and I pray for them every day. The answer that keeps coming back to me is to get off my knees and become part of the solution.

I have a daughter in high school. My wife is a teacher in this district. I take the issue of school safety very seriously and I know I can help. With the support of the Onalaska community and your vote, I will work with law enforcement and school administrators to find improvements within our own neighborhoods so that what happened in Florida will never have a chance of being repeated here in Onalaska. This issue is too important and we cannot leave it up to Washington or Madison –

we must do what is right for our community.

After speaking with several members of my family and friends, we have concluded that the best way to achieve results is by becoming a voice on the City Council. Therefore, it is with great humility that I declare my intentions to run as a write-in candidate for the City of Onalaska 2nd District Council seat and I ask for your prayers and your votes.

I am uniquely qualified to work on these solutions at this moment in time due to my experience in the security industry during my twenties combined with my 20-year career as a professional software developer and technology consultant which I am employed in today. In addition, I graduated from the citizen police academy. An experience that helped me understand the challenges that law enforcement face and I look forward to working closely with them.

I know how to work with diverse teams of people to find 21st Century Solutions to the challenges we face.

I served as Chairman of the city’s Technology Advisory Committee approximately 10-years ago and, based on that experience and the things I have learned since, I am confident that our community can work together and find solutions to any gaps that may exist in the safety of our neighborhoods. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and our community.

Just print the name Chris Muller in the write-in box for 2nd District City Council on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 and join my team to help secure the future safety of our citizens.

Points to remember when discussing with your friends:

  • helped evaluate and deploy the Code Red technology that is used by Onalaska to alert citizens during emergencies
  • works with diverse groups every day to make organizations more efficient and effective through the use of 21st Century technology
  • believes that when government focuses on its primary objectives such as infrastructure and safety this community of remarkable people will help each other when necessary - government programs never help people nearly as well as a neighbor or church community can

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