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Retired Army Colonel Steve Toft Reminds Voters of Ron Kinds Failures to Protect Veterans

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What is a liberal?

The headlines on the La Crosse Tribune said “Liberal Dallet Wins”. How do they know she is a liberal? What is a liberal?

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Allegations against Judge Moore

The sexual assault charges against Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore, candidate for the US Senate, are extremely serious and must be considered. However, isn’t Judge Moore “innocent until proven guilty”?

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Congressman Misleads Voters About Repeal and Replace

While addressing a question from a La Crosse constituent, Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse) misled everyone in attendance by speaking only to the repeal portion of plans that Republicans are putting together.

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Dan Kapanke is a class act!

Dan Kapanke is a class act! Here is a letter he recently submitted:

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