Welcome to the All New CouleeConservatives.com!

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Welcome to the All New CouleeConservatives.com!

January 13, 2017 - 17:51
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As you can see, we are making a lot of changes at CouleeConservatives.com! We decided that it was time for a good face lift and a new, more dynamic way of bringing important articles to you about the CouleeRegion.

Our new mission statement is to be a quality, online magazine dedicated to spreading traditional American values thru the use of cultural stories with political ideas mixed in.

We're going to accomplish this mission by expanding our team of content authors and the way that content is presented. Our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence will help to supplement the articles that you see here and provide an entertaining way to enjoy our stories.

Our content authors will all be anonymous so there can be no bias about who may be providing the stories to you. The stories will stand or fall on their own merits without the potential of any kind of bias seeping into the equation.

Finally, every story will have a comments section where we encourage you to leave your feedback. Did you like the story? What could the author have done better? What would you like them to continue to do in their next story?

We hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy creating them for you!

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You folks are doing a terrific job! Keep it up!

I like it!

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