For Experience, VOTE SCRENOCK for Supreme Court on April 3rd

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For Experience, VOTE SCRENOCK for Supreme Court on April 3rd

March 24, 2018 - 08:32
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On April 3rd Wisconsin voters will select a new State Supreme Court Justice for a ten year term. Judge Michael Screnock is the only candidate with the ethics and experience worthy of being a Supreme Court Justice. Judge Screnock was born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin.

Judge Screnock has more than eleven years in municipal management and city leadership in Wisconsin cities to include Reedsburg, Ashland, and Washburn. He changed career paths, went to law school at UW-Madison, and then spent almost a decade at a prestigious Madison law firm where he experienced many phases of the legal profession including practicing before the Court of Appeals and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He was appointed to the Sauk County Circuit Court to fill a vacancy and then elected unopposed in 2016. As judge, he has presided over all sorts of cases. Judge Screnock also has a long history of volunteerism in his community and church.

Judge Screnock is the only candidate who will uphold the rule of law and defend the Constitutions of the United States and Wisconsin. He will neither legislate from the bench nor serve judgement based on his likes and dislikes.

His opponent, Judge Rebecca Dallet, on the other hand, has made clear that she values far left politics more than judicial fairness. Her campaign ethics have been questioned since she has taken campaign donations from attorneys that have cases in her courtroom. She has violated the code of judicial conduct by taking these campaign donations. Dallet’s behavior is hypocritical and suspect and may lead to judicial discipline. Dallet has also done campaign fund raising in California and is getting support from Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Judge Dallet’s total meaningful employment experience is in Milwaukee County government; first as an Assistant District Attorney and then as a Circuit Court Judge. And, everyone knows that Milwaukee County is quite unlike the other 71 counties in Wisconsin!

Endorsements are meaningful to a political campaign. Judge Screnock has endorsements from five current or former Supreme Court Justices and well over half of Wisconsin’s County Sheriffs. Judge Dallet recently lost a key endorsement from another Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge.

Join me in voting for experience and vote for Judge Screnock for Supreme Court April 3rd. He is the most qualified candidate and will serve judgement based on the Constitutions of the United States, a document that he has sworn to uphold!

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