Don’t count Kevin Nicholson out!

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Don’t count Kevin Nicholson out!

May 16, 2018 - 06:29
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Republican U.S. Senate Candidates

At the recent State Convention of the Republican Party ofWisconsin the delegates present gave State Senator Leah Vukmir a resoundingendorsement over Kevin Nicholson in their efforts to unseat US Senator TammyBaldwin in the fall election. Both ofthese fine candidates have aimed a majority of their verbal fire at theincumbent, Sen. Baldwin, and both would make a better US Senator than theincumbent! Both Vukmir and Nicholsonwould help President Trump “drain the swamp” and take real Wisconsin values toWashington.

Although Senator Vukmir received the party endorsement,the contest is not over. Republicans still listen to the people and there will be a primary contest in mid-August for the right to oppose Senator Baldwin in the fall election. Since the Convention adjourned just a few days ago, Kevin Nicholson has already sent his faithful supporters an e-mail re-assuring them that his goal remains beating the incumbent in the November election. This e-mail referenced a recent poll where he is leading Sen Vukmir by 30% and shared that he has more than 9,000 financial supporters from all 72 Wisconsin counties.

Senator Baldwin is a true career politician having served in elective office since before she received her law degree in 1989. State Senator Vukmir is a “second career politician” having had a successful career in nursing before she won her first election for the Wisconsin Legislature in 2002. Kevin Nicholson is an “outsider” who has never run for elective office but has proudly served his country as a decorated Marine Corps officer in both Iraq and Afghanistan. “Outsiders” are in these days as evidenced by Senator Johnson’s election in 2010 and re-election in 2016, President Trump’s election in 2016 and more recently by the US Senate primaries in West Virginia and Indiana. Senator Vukmir campaigns as a “military Mom” but Kevin Nicholson has served in combat! Senator Vukmir and her supporters are quick to point out that Kevin Nicholson is a former Democrat, but so was President Reagan and hundreds of voters that voted for President Trump.

After serving in the Marines Nicholson earned two Masters Degrees from two different Ivy League colleges and is now a business consultant helping businesses solve their problems of the day. He is also a husband, a Dad to three children, and once worked on a ranch in Wyoming.

There are other factors to consider when deciding whether Senator Vukmir or Kevin Nicholson would be a better candidate to defeat the incumbent for US Senate. And, even though the Republican Party endorsed one, the people will speak their own mind in the mid-August primary election. Don’t count Kevin Nicholson out!

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Nicholson is a very impressive candidate, possibly the best conversationalist I have seen in years. The democrat veteran comment was one I agree with, but would never have said. We all need a few of their votes, and like it or not we need to be careful. That comment was not a nail in his coffin. Ron Johnson went to the Convention as an unknown, and came out with the nomination, because he just blew all the others away with insight and wisdom.

I like Vukmir, and I am supporting her, because this is going to be a hard fight, against a white, gay woman, and a man can't take her on and win in my opinion. So sad! This is a national race, and this is big for the left wing, Baldwin is a dud, but then she is a Democrat!

Great article,

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