Air Force Thunderbirds Comms Intercept

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Air Force Thunderbirds Comms Intercept

March 10, 2017 - 15:33
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Air Force Thunderbirds

You may not be aware that I'm a military aircraft geek. I grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot and I constructed many aircraft models and papered my childhood bedroom with posters from Top Gun and Iron Eagle.

I'm also an amateur radio geek with a technician license from the FCC.

Today I combined the two and intercepted the radio communications from the Air Force Thunderbirds practice in Florida. God Bless America!


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Whatever happened to Journalistic Ethics?
While reading today's La Crosse Tribune (3/17), I came upon an AP wire article: "Walker and Trump differ on defunding". I fully understand the Tribune did not write this article — they just included it because it is concerning both Governor Walker and President Trump. However, the first phrase of the first sentence shows the preconception that this writer has "President Trump and his close Republican ally Scott Walker are at odds…" Talk about revisionist history - I believe I still remember the fighting between them in the primaries, and the rather reluctant last minute lukewarm endorsement by Walker. I am not sure, but that does not sound like a close ally's actions. The remainder of the article follows the same pattern - if necessary, you can reread the article in the Hometown section.
Possibly this article would have been acceptable on the Opinion page where opinions are encouraged, but as a news story, the apparent and upfront bias should not be acceptable.
I took multiple journalism classes in both high school and college, and I am quite sure each of my teachers / professors would have been appalled by both this article and by the decision to print it as news.

I liked your comment so much that I made it into an article. Let me know if you are interested in being a regular author for the site.

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